Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

We Go Together

We learnt a song called We Go Together, which we had been practicing for the last few weeks. We wanted to sing this song because it's about belonging. The topic for this term is belonging, we belong to lots of groups.

We Go Together - Sung by Room 29 2018

Belonging posters

In term 1 room 29 made some posters about our house groups because our term 1 value is belonging. We belong to some house groups that are famous sports players. Our house groups are Richard Hadlee, Barbara Kendall, Peter Snell and Susan Devoy. We had lots of choices for how to show our learning about these people. We ended up choosing 2 options. They were create a chart showing the achievements of the sports person or make a timeline of their life in sport. Here are some of our posters.

Room 29 self-portrait

Room 29 created self-portraits this term. The things we used were pastels, vivids, and pieces of paper. The first thing we did is plan out our face on a piece of paper. We measured our faces with our index finger and our thumb. Mr. Curry printed out our face so we could trace it so we could draw our face on our real piece of work.
After measuring or faces we traced with pencil on the printed faces then we went over it with vivid.

We got pastels and coloured in our faces. The first thing we coloured in was our hair. Then we did our shirts. We coloured them tons of colours.

Later, we coloured in our faces. One side was coloured a dark colour and on the other side was a light colour.Then we did our backgrounds. We could choose to make our backgrounds with no paterns or with patterns. After all of that we were done and Mr. Curry hung them up.

Welcome to Room 29 2018

Welcome to Room 29 2018!